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The Loaded March

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For most fitness fanatics, training is generally about building one’s athletic performance, improving one’s physical appearance and staying healthy. For the survivor, however, fitness has a very different meaning – it is about mental and physical endurance, resilience and all round robustness. Whilst a runner may cover many more kilometres a week than a soldier, […]

Dealing with burns | Wild Survivor

First Aid for Burns

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A timely topic for November given that’s when we celebrate bonfire night, which just in case you hadn’t noticed, involves big fires and fireworks (for many days before and after too). This combination frequently results in burn injuries requiring hospital treatment, although accurate statistics on injuries specifically acquired from bonfire night are hard to find, […]

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Wild Survivor – The Essential Beginners Guide to Hiking

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Walking, rambling, hiking… Whatever you choose to call it, it is a popular leisure activity for many seeking to spend time outdoors in our scenic countryside. A pursuit that is accessible to all ages and abilities, it does not need specialist knowledge or requires masses of expensive equipment or clothing compared to other sports. While […]

How to survive a jellyfish sting | Wild Survivor

How to Survive a Jellyfish Sting

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Every summer and early autumn always seems to bring a fresh influx of dramatic headlines about jellyfish invasions on our shores. This year, however, the unusually active hurricane season has led to record numbers of highly dangerous Portuguese man o’war washing up along the Cornish and Welsh coasts. Most of us would automatically steer clear […]