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Wild Survivor Celebrate Remarkable Feedback Offering Essential Survival Training Courses in the Woods of Shropshire

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From Left to Right; Chris, Ryan, Jay, Dillon and Tony

Learning how to survive in the wild can be an amazing personal or team-building experience. In the woods of Shropshire the ex-military veterans of Wild Survivor are offering a wide range of high quality workshops and courses.

Most experts agree, real survival training is not something that can be picked up in a book or video, but needs to be directly experienced. The good news is, in the midlands a team of ex-military professionals are offering just this kind of opportunity through the company Wild Survivor. Wild Survivor recently celebrated the amount of positive feedback they have received from students over the last two years, offering a very diverse range of survival training classes and experiences to all kinds of students.

“After leaving military service, it quickly became apparent to me that as a nation we are losing touch with the great outdoors,” commented Ryan Talbot, owner and instructor for Wild Survivor. “My team and I are on a mission to reconnect people with nature and learn new skills that will last a lifetime.”

According to the company, their courses have been popular with companies looking to improve their staff team building skills, groups of friends, stag and hen parties, school trips and children’s birthday parties, to name just a few groups who regularly attend.

Recent workshops have included Woodland Bushcraft and Survival, Map Reading and Navigation and Foraging and Outdoor Cookery courses.

The Wild Survivor website also features a very lively and informative blog giving outdoor survival tips picked up over years of direct military experience with an eye kept on practicality. It’s very beginner friendly and can help potential students become familiar with what they are likely to expect when they take a course.

Feedback for the survival classes have been positive across the board.

Jack Meads, recently said in a five-star review, “Went along to an urban survival weekend with these guys and it was amazing. Full on all day, never dull and the guys were very knowledgeable. Will be definitely looking to book something else these guys offer. Thank you lads!”

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