2 Day Ultimate Brexit Survival Course

Posted on
13th April 2019 @ 8:00 am – 15th April 2019 @ 5:00 pm
Event and Public Safety
The Emergency Planning College
the Hawkhills
York YO613EG
2 Day Ultimate Brexit Survival Course @ Event and Public Safety | York | United Kingdom

NEW FOR 2019! As we move deeper into the unknown, the requirement to prepare ourselves for what happens next becomes increasingly important to us. Whether you’re a remainer or leaver, this course promises to give you all the skills you need to make it through Brexit armageddon.

Terrorist Attacks (CBRNe, Citizen-AID, SERE)
Nuclear expert and author of The Complete Nuclear Survival Guide, Tom Linden has been preparing since 1978 and will teach you all the skills needed to survive

Self Defence
Ju-Jutsu, Ninpo Tai-Jutsu, JKD-Kali, Boxing and Kick-boxing expert Nick Foot will be on hand to teach you techniques that can be applied to every day life

Basic Outdoor Survival Skills (PLAN-M)
Learn all the basics from lighting a fire to building a shelter in the wild and protecting yourself from the elements from the fieldcraft experts

Communication & Navigation
Learn to use HAM radio, smoke signals, navigate by the stars to safety and much more

Foraging & Stockpiling
What food and medicine supplies will you need to survive, how long will they last for and where will you find them? All these questions and more answered by the UK’s top experts

Urban First Aid
With over 40 years experience in first aid, Ian Talbot will teach you how to administer basic life support in a hostile, outdoor and unknown environment

Emotional Trauma
Fiona Griffin is our health and well being expert who will help you think clearly and cope with the mental stresses of survival in any environment.