Jacobs Ladder

Our Jacobs Ladder is an immense 14 metre high challenge and can be used as a fun activity or training event. Dare your group and yourself to ascend our Jacobs ladder. Working in teams of three you are given some money (monopoly) to spend on equipment of your desire to help you get as high as you can. Whilst collecting extra money for each level you pass, will you sacrifice your hard earned cash to buy further help or can you help each other? This is your dilemma. Your harness and safety rope will be fitted and monitored by our trained instructor that will guide you every step of the way. They will only help you if bribed to do so! You will be the safety net for your own group by watching and belaying their safety line.
Our staff are passionate and fully qualified for this activity that brings you back to nature. Our instructors will ensure you receive personal attention to enabling you to develop he correct technique to make this an enjoyable experience.
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