Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a world wide phenomenon and sport! Laser Tag is an exciting, fast-paced game most often played in designated arenas using laser guns. Laser Tag can be played just for entertainment or also as a competitive sport, as an individual player or as part of a team! The idea was first used by the military in the 70’s to evolve a more practical training and combat scenario.
Laser Tag utilise hand guns which release lasers and infrared signal trackers. While the visible laser is just used for targeting and effect, the infrared tracker sends information out every time the laser is launched. This information is then collected by a computer which allocates hits to the players who fired the laser and hit the targets.
This system makes Laser tag an absolutely safe game and suitable even for all ages!
Our staff are passionate and fully qualified for this activity that brings you back to nature. Our instructors will ensure you receive personal attention to enabling you to develop he correct technique to make this an enjoyable experience.
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