SpitFire Pocket Fire Lighting Kit


The Spitfire is a pocket-size, easy to carry and highly effective fire lighting kit, designed to allow its user to quickly and reliably get a fire started regardless of weather conditions.




For ignition, the Spitfire combines a chunky Ferrocerium (fire steel) rod with a durable Striker to produce a large volume of 3,000° C sparks.
The Striker also features a built-in bottle opener; the ideal campfire accessory!
The Telescopic Bellows extend out to an impressive 442mm, allowing you to blow additional oxygen into the fire whilst maintaining a safe and pleasant distance.
The kit comes with its own supply of water-resistant tinder, in the form of waxed jute Tinder Sticks, which will readily catch a spark and ignite, and can be used as a lighting splint that will burn for four minutes. A Magnesium Sharpener allows you to shave both the included Waxed Dowels and collected sticks into a pile of hot burning kindling.
The Spitfire is perfect for bushcraft, camping, festivals, hiking, fishing and many other outdoor activities.
The kit comes with a detailed instruction sheet, with explanations for starting and building fires.
Kit Contents:
Black Polypropylene Case
Ferrocerium Rod (9.5mmØ x 55mm useable rod)
Striker with bottle opener
Telescopic Bellows tube
Magnesium Sharpener
20x Waxed Jute Tinder Stick
4x Waxed Dowel
Spitfire package contains: 1 Spitfire kit with instruction sheet.
Kit dimensions: 98mm length x 72mm width x 21.5mm depth
Kit weight: 116g

NB: Contents for use by adults only.

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