Run, Hide, Tell – What to do in a Terrorist Attack

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Run, Hide, Tell | Wild Survivor The last few months have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of unexpected and devastating weapons and bomb attacks carried out in major cities across the UK and Europe and most recently in America. These are violent aggressions against innocent people, by perpetrators whose sole aims are to cause terror and disruption. Regardless of the political, cultural and religious ideas that both trigger and follow these events, the sad reality is that such ‘lone wolf’ and organised terror attacks are likely to recur at any time or any place and can be impossible to predict and prepare for

The current terror threat level to the UK is listed as severe, which is the highest but one and means that a terror attack is highly likely. All of the threat levels and their meanings are listed as below:

Low – an attack is unlikely

Moderate – an attack is possible, but unlikely

Substantial – an attack is a strong possibility

Severe – an attack is highly likely

Critical – an attack is expected imminently

These crimes irreversibly affect ordinary people in ordinary places doing ordinary things. It is possible that any one of us could be going about our everyday business and suddenly find ourselves in a terrifying situation that we are not prepared for. So what should you do if you were to find yourself caught up in a terrorist attack? After the London Bridge attacks which happened in June 2017, UK counter-terrorism police released a video issuing the following advice to the general public: Run, Hide, Tell.


Don’t try to confront, negotiate or surrender.

Think about your escape route and timing, you do not want to get in the line of fire.

Run, if you can, to a place of safety as far away as possible.

Insist others go with you but don’t let their hesitation slow you down.

Leave your belongings behind.


If you can’t run, hide.

Think about exits and escapes – try to avoid getting trapped.

Try and hide somewhere where there is a solid barrier between you and any attacker.

Lock and barricade yourself in.

Stay away from doors and windows.

Stay quiet. Silence your phone and switch off vibrate.


Phone the police as soon as it safe to do so.

Give as much information and description as you can.

Follow all instructions given by the police.

The same advice applies across most scenarios, whether at work or leisure, home or abroad. It also applies to all weapons attacks, not just those that may be terrorism related. We sincerely hope you will never need to use them but always remember those three words: Run, Hide, Tell.

To watch the full video posted by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) go to:


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