Scouts & Youth Groups

Scouts & Youth Groups

We run a range of courses that are ideal for Scouts and youth groups, including those who wish to develop survival skills in preparation for attempting the prestigious Scouts Association ‘Survival Skills Activity Badge’.

Our courses and units cover all the skills that you need to survive in the outdoors including knife skills, essential first aid, how to build shelter, starting a fire and using signals to get help. You’ll also learn the essentials of packing a survival kit, so that you are always prepared.

Every course is run by highly experienced and professionally trained survival experts who are fully insured and fully vetted to work with young people.

Knife Skills

Knife Skills | Wild Survivor

The knife is one of the most essential tools for survival – but only if you know how to use it safely and effectively. Learn techniques for using your knife and looking after it, including how to keep it sharp and avoid accidents.

First Aid

First Aid Training | Wild Survivor

A practical knowledge of first aid can be the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Learn the basics of fisrt aid in the field and gain the skills you need to help yourself and others in the event of injury.


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Learn how to find or build shelter to protect you from the elements. We will introduce you to the different types of shelters, when to use them and how to build them.

Fire Making

Fire making | Wild Survivor

Fire is key to survival; it give us heat to keep warm and allows us to cook food, and can also be highly effective for signalling. Discover how to start a fire and which materials to use.


Signalling | WIld Survivor

Learn how to get found and get help with a range of internationally recognised distress signals, including using a whistle, torch, mirror or markers.


Behaviour | Wild Survivor

Learn how to stay safe and strong both as an individual and as a group by understanding how to behave and act when faced with a survival situation.

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