Surviving Hypothermia | Wild Survivor

Hypothermia – what it is and what to do

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Hypothermia is the name given to the condition the human body experiences when its temperature becomes colder than the normal range. It is a dangerous and life-threatening condition that needs urgent treatment. The normal temperature of a human body is around 37oC, although it does vary slightly from person to person. The risk of hypothermia […]

How to escape a house fire | Wild Survivor

How to Escape a House Fire

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Being able to utilise fire for heating and cooking is key to human survival. But so is remembering just how dangerous fire can be. Fire can devastate virtually everything in its path, can spread unbelievably fast and as it burns, it releases toxic smoke which is often the cause of death more than the flames […]

How to stay safe in a storm | Wild Survivor

How to stay safe in a storm

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While we love to moan about our weather, the reality is that we actually enjoy a pretty mild climate compared to most other countries. We don’t get hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones because they originate in tropical waters. But we do get storms as well as the tail-ends, or remnants, of hurricanes from across the Atlantic, […]