The Wild Survivor Story

Wild Survivor - outdoor activities and training in Shropshire and the West Midlands

How It Began

Today, Wild Survivor is one of the leading providers of bushcraft and survival courses in Shropshire and the West Midlands. We've come a long way since we were first established in 2015.


The Wild Survivor Course: We began as just a few old-school friends, Ryan Talbot, Chris 'Ray' Glover & Jay with a vast amount of front line military experience throughout the world and very few transferable skills to sitting behind a desk. During our spare time, we would take groups suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) out 'into the wild' for a weekend of relaxation around a campfire with a couple of beers!

We started to share best practise for our Bushcraft & Survival Skills with the group that was growing and growing every time we went away camping and quickly found that we had to find new places to go to, just to accommodate the growing numbers!

In February 2015, the three of us set up Wild Survivor with a view to reconnecting people with nature and having a good time whilst learning some important lifelong skills.

Since then, there have been many obstacles on our journey of making a successful business and we have tackled them all with the same mentality as we would out in the wild - 'Adapt, Overcome, Survive'. 

Now we work closely with Charities, Schools, Corporate Groups, Families and more to provide the very best value for money courses throughout the UK and of course, we still find time to share with old friends.

Why Choose Us?

We take huge pride in developing our team and consider ourselves a close-knit family who don't just work together, we also go to the pub together. We all share the same passion for the outdoors and love to spend as much time out there as we can. The vast majority of the team are ex-military and even those who aren't, we would serve alongside on the front line in a heart beat. Our qualification portfolio ranges from Kayaking instructors through to Resistance to interrogation instructors and everything in between. All our staff are fully DBS checked and have a minimum of Remote First Aid. If you are looking for an authentic bushcraft and survival course in Shropshire and the West Midlands, you've come to the right place.

The Wild Survivor team prepares for a bushcraft & survival course
Participants enjoy a WIld Survivor Bushcraft & Survival Course in Shropshire

Adapt, Overcome, Survive

We adapt and tailor our offerings to suit working with a wide range of clients from Caravan & Camping sites, Local Schools, Businesses, Sports & Social Clubs, Teams and More...

To find out about how we can help achieve goals at your organisation, get in contact with us by phone on 01952 243933 or email us at bookings@wild-survivor.co.uk